2011/07/23 Boston

Our first show was held on 23 July 2011 at the Totius Primary School in Bellville. 
Sponsor: Nestle Purina Supercoat. 
The CDC show started at 11 AM till 4 PM. It was preceded by an AICA show that started at 9 AM. 
Entry fees were R10 per adult, R5 per pensioner, R5 per child. Families entered for R20 per family. The entry fee covered both shows. 

CDC1BestInCategoryLH2-4363.jpg CDC1BestInCategorySLH2-4970.jpg CDC1BestInCategorySH3-2780.jpg CDC1BestInCategorySOSH-4272.jpg CDC1BestInCategoryHHPSLH-1082.jpg CDC1BestInSpecialSH2-3166.jpg CDC1BestInCategoryHHPSH-989.jpg CDC1BestInSpecialMC-46.jpg

Best in Longhair Category Flamboyant Shingwetzi of C'est La Vie PERSIAN BROWN TABBY VAN MALE OWNER: Hester Moult BREEDER: MC Nel

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